Hey bud! Taste bud, that is…

Cracow on my mind

Heavenly elixir

Heavenly elixir

I fell in love with Żubrówka vodka while vacationing in Cracow. I remember first having it in a restaurant and liked it so much that I asked the server to write down the vodka’s name. Big laughs at my expense when I tried to track it down in a Cracow liquor store, turns out the stuff is sold in supermarkets. It’s tough to find here in New York, but I know a liquor store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that sells it.
Rasberry is my favorite flavor

Rasberry is my favorite flavor

Any visit to Greenpoint is worthwhile, but the Żubrówka source is another essential stop for me while hiking through Cracow,  Brooklyn and searching for spectacular Delicje cookies and Wedding Kielbasa.


Wedding kielbasa

Wedding kielbasa


2 Responses to “Hey bud! Taste bud, that is…”

  1. My bottle of Żubrówka vodka doesn’t look like yours….Hmmm. Different distributors, different packages? Yours, in fact, looks far more like the bottle I picked up in Paris a couple of decades ago (which is where I discovered the evil-colored elixir with the long piece of bison grass). Gorgeous stuff. I’m heading to Greenpoint to your liquor store. It looks like great place.

  2. lepanto1571 Says:

    Probably so. I don’t remember what the bottle I brought back from Cracow looked like. I was amazed to find the stuff stateside. The Polish delis in Greenpoint also have good selection of Polish beer.

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