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Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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Today is Anton Bruckner’s birthday.

2017 was a big Bruckner year for me. Carnegie Hall presented the first cycle of the numbered Bruckner symphonies in US history. I wrote the marketing copy promoting the cycle and was a tireless cheerleader for the composer’s music. I evangelized to colleagues, audience members, friends, anybody that would listen. I even created a button to plug the series.

To my delight, members of the Staatskapelle Berlin requested some. I couldn’t help but think what would Bruckner have made of all this? An historic US music venue presenting all of his symphonies?

Beyond his fondest hopes.

Even Spike the cat strutted his Bruckner.


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vivatI was unaware of the VIVAT label, an artist-driven-and-produced label spearheaded by Robert King, the director of the brilliant King’s Consort. Shame on me, my CD shelves are fairly packed with King’s Consort CDs. Their Monteverdi, Purcell, and Bach’s Contemporaries albums are all-time favorites—their Vivaldi sacred music series actually changed my view of the composer.

What we have on VIVAT is repertoire The King’s Consort were unable to record for Hyperion, including Mendelssohn’s arrangement of Handel’s Israel in Egypt, Purcell’s String Sonatas, Handel oratorio arias with countertenor superstar Iestyn Davies, Monteverdi sacred and secular music with soprano Carolyn Sampson, and more. VIVAT’s catalog extends beyond King’s Consort projects with the sensational Luca Guglielmi playing Bach, the Allegri String Quartet performing Beethoven, and next on my listening list, pianist Alissa Firsova in a program of music by Russian Émigrés.

I’ve dipped into their offerings and a review of I Was Glad, Sacred Music by Stanford and Parry will be appearing shortly. You can find VIVAT here.





Henryk Gorecki

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I am saddened by the news of the passing of composer Henyrk Gorecki. I first encountered his music when I was working for the music publisher Boosey and Hawkes. It was about the time the recording of his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs was rapidly climbing the Billboard charts and was finding favor with people who wouldn’t necessarily buy an album of music by a living classical composer. Gorecki was
published by Boosey and every one of his new choral compositions caused a tremendous stir. It was a remarkable time.

Gorecki, like Lech Walesa (a man who actually earned and deserved his Nobel Peace Prize) and Pope John Paul II remind me of the resurgent and vibrant Poland that exists today.

Requiesce in pace

Bach on a Steinway is WETA’s CD Pick of the Week

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A good pick

I am so proud to be associated with this excellent recording that has been selected by Washington’s WETA as their CD Pick of the Week. Read about it

Bach on a Steinway

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I had the pleasure of writing the liner notes for Jeffrey Biegel’s new album Bach on a Steinway on the Steinway and Sons label. The album is available from

Jeffrey talks about the project in this video

Hockey season is coming

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The 2010-11 NHL season is approaching and what better way to introduce your young ones to the sport than these three new books that I wrote during the summer.

This was a fun project. I got to rummage through photo archives and relived my hockey past with lots of terrific photos from the golden age of the game. Some of my favorite players:

The New York Rangers winger Rod Gilbert

Gordie Howe

Guy Lafleur

You can buy the books at the Child’s World

Some very cool cats

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Marguays are a breed of wild cat. Here’s an amazing story about marguays mimicking the sound of their prey. Imagine Quint from Jaws (played by Robert Shaw) saying, “Marguay imitates the monkey, the monkey comes down the tree” and then Quint sings “Farewell and aideu to you fair Brazilian monkeys…”

Here’s the story

Does this mean if your little kitty wants to lure you into the kitchen to give her some food she’ll imitate the sound of a beer being opened?