Slàinte Mhath!


I’m not a big fan of blended Scotch, but after a tasting sponsored by Dewars I’m ready to change my mind. The Dewars folks invited me to a tasting at Twelve 21 a high-tech event space in New York. It was a fun evening where a Dewars Drink Ambassador (I’m not making that up, that’s what the fellow identified himself as) talked about Scotch-blending and Dewar’s history.

John Dewar, pater familis

John Dewar, pater familis

I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-tasting gathering where I was able to order a Dewars on the rocks while picking at some tasty hor d’oeuvres. Hmmmm, lamb chops with herbs, fried porcini mushroom ravioli and beef filet with stilton.  The room was also sprinkled with local Drink Ambassadors, mostly comely women in stylish black dresses, I enjoyed that part of the evening too.  

Stylish black dress, regrettably sans Drink Ambassador

Stylish black dress, regrettably sans Drink Ambassador

I even got to blend my own Scotch using test tubes filled with Scotch infused with honey, vanilla, peat, etc. I’m not in the Scotch business so my blended liquid tasted like the bottom of a barbecue grill splashed with vanilla.

I sampled some Dewars 12 that is unavailable for sale. It’s the 12 year old Scotch that first comes out of the still. The Dewars folks then pour it back into the still for continued aging. Nice. Also got a taste of the finished version of Dewars 12 that is available for sale. To top it off the Dewars people gave each of us a silver flask – 5 oz. size which is ideal for morning drinking. Thanks very much!


Slàinte Mhath! (cheers or the equivalent in Scottish Gaelic)

4 Responses to “Slàinte Mhath!”

  1. Craig:Please,please,please get me on your invite lists!

    • This one was a gem. Heidi’s brother is a chef and gets asked to events like this. Since he doesn’t drink and I do, I got the invite. You will be kept in mind for the next go round. Stay tuned for my next post about today’s visit to the San Gennaro Festival.

  2. I totally forgot about San Gennaro. I haven’t been to that festival in decades. In this case, I think I’ll leave the Calzone to you, my friend. But I will enjoy reading about it. I went to Elementary School just a few blocks away from the festival.

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